The Class
B and B 420

The Ultimate Marijuana Class in Denver

Another option here at the B and B 420 is The Class. The Class is a 4-day workshop on growing marijuana from start to finish; cloning to trimming to drying; A-Z!  I'll teach you how to think like a plant.

Cannabis Grower Consultant

I have been a cannabis grower or growers' consultant since 1991. My first plant was a marijuana seed started in a gel polymer when I was 16-years-old. Granted, my mom found it and made me quit but it paved the road for a life dealing with growing marijuana.

I have overseen hundreds of cannabis crops and taught hundreds of people how to grow. I am proficient with several lines of high-end fertilizers.

The Class Description

The class includes the following:

    •  4 days and 4 nights at B and B 420

    •  A tour of Denver's finest dispensaries

    •  4-$20 Breakfast coupons to Breakfast on Broadway

    •  4-two hour classes on marijuana growing start to finish (cloning, vegetative, bloom cycle, flushing, trimming, drying).  The Class also provides my chemical list and what each chemical does for the plant and why. How to set up a grow, what equipment best suits your purpose, smell control, and working with electricity.

     •  Finally and - MOST IMPORTANTLY - you have access to my strains. I have worked with hundreds of strains over the years. All of them different and wonderful in their own way. But, in my opinion, I have narrowed it down to the 3 that are absolutely awesome: 1) Super Sour Diesel, 2) Charles Kush, 3) Recon. All 3 of these strains exhibit the qualities that a professional grower is looking for:

                                  The High
                                  Visually Appealing

All of these 3 strains are an A+ in the 5 above mentioned categories.

If you wanna be a professional, then learn from a professional. Skip the trial and error - go right to the top of your class.                           

                    Call 303-999-5967 or email for more information.


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