The Ethos Collective
B and B 420

Darrel Hoffman - Member of the Ethos Collective 

I am part of a group called "The Ethos Collective". The Ethos Collective is a company that provides almost anything to do with marijuana:

  • "How to Grow" Consulting for Dispensaries & Warehouses
  • Crews of Trimmers for Your Plants
  • A Beautiful Bud and Breakfast - B and B 420

Colorado Marijuana Consultant

The owner of the Ethos Collective is a marijuana genius.  He consults to Denver's best dispensaries and grows some of the best weed not only in Colorado but in the world!  Check out The Ethos Collective Facebook page for more info.


I'm including pictures of some offerings that are absolutely stunning. I have direct access to all of his strains. I know where and when they are being harvested ahead of time so if there something you like we can go and get it.

Denver Marijuana Dispensaries Tour

I also give dispensary tours in a beautiful, late model, low mile Cadillac Deville. You just relax and I'll drive you to Denver's best dispensaries where you can go and purchase the finest that Colorado has to offer.

Call me for more information: 303-999-5967
 You can also send me an email with any questions you may have.

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